Picnic Day!

Last weekend was Picnic Day, one of UC Davis' biggest outreach days! The students of the Center for Population Biology put together an exhibit on the tree of life and evolution, complete with a phylogenetic tree handout with stamps for each type of taxon, filled in at stations around the tree. We had all kinds of … Continue reading Picnic Day!


Proutfest 2016

Each year the Population Biology Graduate Group holds a student symposium, named Proutfest (for Timothy Prout, of UC Davis entomology). The Pop Bio grad group explores incredibly diverse topics, from convergent evolution of terrestriality in crabs to theoretical ecology modelers to evo-devo entomologists. First years introduce their previous work (shark saw, anyone?) and a baby … Continue reading Proutfest 2016

Modelling tooth–prey interactions in sharks: the importance of dynamic testing

I'm really excited to say that the shark saw paper has been published in Royal Society Open Science! One of several papers to come out of the Friday Harbor Labs' 2014 Functional Morphology and Ecology of Fishes course, my coauthors Stacy Farina, Adam Summers, Jeff Brash, and I explored the importance of shark tooth morphology and repeated use on … Continue reading Modelling tooth–prey interactions in sharks: the importance of dynamic testing

CURB Spotlight!

I'm featured as this week's student researcher spotlight on the Cornell Undergraduate Research Board facebook! Link here. Pretty cool! CURB is a student-run organization that facilitates a lot of the larger student research community at Cornell--between Spring and Fall Forum poster sessions and the Peer Mentorship Program, it's great programming to get research and mentorship experience … Continue reading CURB Spotlight!